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Gas safety

Gas Boiler and Central Heating Safety

Gas boilers provide the power behind millions of gas-fired hot water and central heating systems in homes throughout the UK. As such, they are taken for granted by many of us, day in and day out, all year round.

It's easy to forget that incorrect boiler installation and fitting, faults and other issues affecting boilers, gas appliances and related equipment can result in highly dangerous carbon monoxide gas leaks and/or lead to the risk of gas explosions. Odourless and colourless, carbon monoxide emitted by faulty gas boilers can kill.

So it's vital to ensure that your gas boiler and any other gas appliances are checked and serviced regularly by a competent engineer, as is strongly recommended by the Health & Safety Executive (a Government department), Gas Safe Register and gas boiler manufacturers.

By law, gas boilers should only ever be serviced and checked by Gas Safe Register approved engineers. Gas Safe Register is required by law to maintain a register of gas engineers for most of the UK (until April 2009, this was done by CORGI, which still performs the role for Northern Ireland and The Channel Islands).

It's worth noting that landlords are required by law to have gas safety checks (evidenced by a CP12 certificate) carried out annually at their tenanted properties. Should the safety of your own home be any less important?

The following articles present some helpful information about safety issues and suggest steps you might consider taking to reduce the risks in your own home or workplace:

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» Why annual gas boiler safety checks matter

» Carbon monoxide - the silent killer

» About carbon monoxide detectors and alarms

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Keep your central heating system and gas boiler safe

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More gas safety resources

For more information about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, complications and prevention of CO carbon monoxide) poisoning, visit the following websites:

» NHS Direct Opens in new tab or window (carbon monoxide poisoning)

» Health & Safety Executive Opens in new tab or window (Government body responsible for regulations on health and safety)

» Gas Safe Register Opens in new tab or window (with which gas installers in England, Scotland and Wales must be registered by law)

» CORGI Opens in new tab or window (an authority on gas safety with which gas installers in NI and CI must be registered)

AA Central Heating Response Plus